Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Good evening all of the faithful: Had kind of a quiet day. Did my WII, helped Lori put leaves from the yard in buckets for pickup tomorrow. Both she and Rand were busy with helping us this afternoon. They are wonderful guests. We watched the race and now we are going to have stuffed peppers. Love to all and stay safe and warm. Happy birthday tomorrow to Rick!! Your card is in the mail.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Saturday

And a good morning to all: Hope that all is well with everyone who might be in the cold grey north. Looks like winter does not want to give up. GLOBAL WARMING Yeah!!! Rand and Lori are here. It is cool here but no precipitation of any kind. Not too much happening here so this will be short and sweet. Love to all and stay safe and warm. Happy Birthday to Dakoda. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Pickle Lady

Good Afternoon all: We are having another cold spell here in the sunshine state. It was about 40 degrees this morning and is expected to be 32 in the am tomorrow. Here is what we did this morning. At the Buckhead Ridge Catfish festival we bought some pickles from the "Pickle Lady". They were deeeeeeelicious. So yesterday we called and asked her to buy some more. We went to her house this am at 900 am and her husband Mr. Pickle is so so cute. We bought 4 jars. You cannot beat her pickles. Only in Okeechobee. lol After that we went out to breakfast and a few more errands and now we are home. Rand and Lori are on their way from St. Augustine. Okay enough for now and I will stay safe and warm and you all should do the same. Love to all

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday in the Hood

Good Morning to all: I am beginning to get back in the swing of things. Last night I moved the bedroom furniture around. Today I am making Eggplant Parmesan and Don and Flo are coming for dinner. Rand and Lori are trying to get here but they are in St Augustine with hitch problems. Donna, you can't believe how perfect that birthday card you got for Don was. Oreo is so hooked on TUNA and Don is her hero with the can opener. Hope you guys go on the Dec 2011 cruise, it would be a nice time. Well I guess it is time to cook breakfast and get this day started. Love to all and stay safe and warm.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Disney Cruise

Good Evening to all the faithful: We had a lovely time on the cruise. Tom and Jr. had a wonderful time. It is really hard to write a blog about a cruise that has past. I should have blogged on the ship. I will do better on the next one. On the first night of the cruise, we booked dinner at Palo's for the group. (Butch, Elaine, Tom Sr, Tom Jr, Don and I) Its really a nice way to start a cruise. As we were sitting enjoying a lovely dinner, Tom nudged Don that the Captain walked in. Our backs were towards him so we did not see him. He was at the table next to us. He spotted us as he has been our captain on many voyages. He got up and came over to our table. He hugged me and shook Don's hand. Don introduced him to our party. We spoke for a few minutes and he returned to his table. Both Tom and Tom were blown away and said that never happens in real life, only on the Love Boat. lol The first stop was Key West. Not much happened except they don't make key lime jelly beans at the Blonde Giraffe. Boo Hiss So we graduated to Key Lime Taffy and Pecans. We had a day at sea and then Cozumel. Tom and Don did a couple of caches and we had our normal margarita at Pancho's Patio. The next stop was Cayman Islands. There was a storm coming and the tenders stopped running at 2 PM. We had a tour scheduled but decided not to do it but Tom and Tom did the tour as they have never been there. We left port early and headed for Castaway Cay. The captain wanted to get in early as to give folks more time on the island. The cruise director came on and said that some weather was coming and that people should get out and enjoy the day. Don and the 2 Tom's did a waverunner tour. I being a chicken stayed on the beach. The seas were a little too rough for moi and it was cool. After their tour, we went back to the ship and changed into dry clothes and went back out Serenity Bay for lunch. After lunch, Don and I went back to the ship for a nap. When it was time to leave, we were watching from our verandah and the ship which had pulled in started to back up and there were 55 mph winds and with the narrow channel, it pushed the ship and almost into the rocks. The captain pulled back in and had to tie up. He told us that they were waiting for the weather to subside. Well to make a long story short, the weather did not clear up all night and we were still tied up at the Cay in the AM when we should have been in Canaveral. So they scheduled another day of meals and entertainment for us. We left the Cay at about 4:30 PM Saturday and headed for Canaveral. Sunday morning we got off the ship and headed home. Tom and Tom Jr. rescheduled their flight and got home a day late. But we all got home safe and sound and got an extra day. Our next cruise is January 6,2011 a Repositioning cruise to La. Love to all and stay safe and warm.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


To all the faithful readers of me: I don't quite understand it myself but I really have not been in the blog mood much lately. I will get back to business as soon as the mood strikes me. This morning is a good sign that I will be back to normal before too long. Keep watching for interesting stuff. lol love to all and stay safe and warm.

Monday, February 15, 2010

We're Home

Good Morning to all the faithful followers of my wandering: Sorry that I did not blog after Key West except for the update of being stranded in paradise. We are home and I am getting caught up on laundry and general stuff. I will be putting a series of blogs on about the 7 day cruise + a day for good measure. It will make sense later. Love to all and stay safe and warm.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A day in castaway Cay

hi all we are stuck in Disney's island. all is aok food good
great movies will blog more later. but for now all is well

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Key West

Good Afternoon to all: As you might know we are on a cruise and today we are in Key West. We took our obligatory walk down Duval Street and made an earth shattering discovery we made. They no longer make Key Lime Jelly Beans at the Blonde Giraffe. Woe is me. lol We found Key Lime Taffy and Key Lime Pecans. One can never get too much Key Lime!!! We are back in the room now and have ordered room service for the lunch and a nap. Waiting for the Super Bowl. Go Peyton!! I have to keep it in the family. lol Okay enough for now Love to all (Pic of Tom in Ft Drum Cemetery as we cached some on the way to the ship)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Good Morning Brominator: Happy Birthday. Love, your sister and b-i-l

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good Evening: This Blog is for my wonderful brother. Please forgive me as I did not get your birthday card out yet. Have been in the throes of getting ready for cruise. I am wishing you a Happy Birthday. Will get it out probably tomorrow. Love to you and much happiness is being sent your way. Stay safe ad warm.Love your sister

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February

Good Afternoon all: This morning was beautification morning. I went and got my hair cut, colored and got my nails done. Getting ready for cruise. It is cloudy and cool here today. Am moving along with the packing. I have got Don's started and will start mine tomorrow. Not much more than that happening. Everyone stay safe and warm. Love to all