Friday, July 31, 2009

Trip to Sebring

We went to Sebring today to pick up our hot tub filter. We stopped for lunch. I am now watching my soaps. Just wanted to touch base with you all. This will be short and sweet. More tomorrow.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's 5 O'clock in Okeechobee

Good Afternoon to all my pals: We are having our Gin & Tonic/lime and watching Cash Cab. Sorry this is so late but we had to take the PT Cruiser up to get her oil changed and the body work man was there today. I needed him to fix the scape I put on her as I drove in the driveway awhile ago. Then we had him take the scrape off the truck. Tomorrow we are going to Sebring to get our hot tub filter. Did some yard work in the front today. Will do more Saturday. Need to weed my front flower beds and trim my bushes. Life is good. More tomorrow. Love to all Miss Oreo likes her new room. lmao

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quiet Wednesday

Good Morning: Most of my projects that we planned are complete. Time to find some new nonsense to get into. We are taking a beginner computer over to Isa Ortega (Joe & Mona's daughter). (Ore0's first family) Don gathered up pieces and parts and put it together as it was too nice to throw away. After that who knows!!! Need to find some other window treatment for new spare room. We get heavy duty sun late afternoon and evening. Got to cook breakfast. Love to all

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Morning

And a very good morning to my pals: Sorry that I did not blog first thing as I got busy looking at other blogs. Most are in languages I don't know. It was fun to look at them though. I did find one that had the most beautiful photographs though. After breakfast, I spent an hour on my fence foliage project. You have to keep after them or plants will take over the world. I had a very nice surprise yesterday that I want to share. I got a letter from my very good friend Ruby. We had not had contact for a while but I thought of her often. We were the dynamic duo at the telephone company computer room. lol I called her and we talked for quite a while. It was a wonderful surprise. Let's not lose touch again. Now I am off to work on junque room. Love to all

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's Frivolity

Good Morning All: No major renovations planned today. LMAO Going to work some more on my fence. Need to get it finished. Finish, you really are never finished with it as it grows fast with all the heat and moisture. When it rains, as it does every day now, I will work in my new junque room as it looks like a tornado hit it. Hopefully this week I can get back on the treadmill and make my alter ego happy. She doesn't realize that I have been busy while she sits playing with her toys. LOL Okay have to attend to breakfast. Love you all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Good Housekeeping Magazine Moment

And a very good afternoon to anyone who cares what I do: Today we created another Good HouseKeeping Magazine moment. Another one of Mr S's ideas was that we should change what I lovingly call my junk room with the spare room also known as the Marilyn Room. Last night, having an abundance of energy, I got Mr S to help me take the bed down and get started. Once that was done I could start transferring the junque to that room. I finally stopped about 10 P.M. as I ran out of steam. After coffee on the Lanai, I prepared a breakfast worthy of South Beach. Don was running a cable betweenour house and Jacob's for the DSL. We had to make a trip to Home Depot (my favorite store) for cable and some more shades for the Lanai. When we got back, Don and Jacob went to work on their project and I went to finish mine. After clearing out all the junque, I put the bed back together and made up the bed. I am so surprised that there is that much more room. It looks really nice. Now I am going to have a gin and tonic and put my feet up and watch the race. Love to all Stay tuned for the further adventures of me. lol

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday in Chobee

Hi to all my pals: I spent the day doing housework. I know it seems pretty mundane but I enjoyed it. Put on my nano and headset and boggied my work done. We are going out to dinner at Cowboy's as they have really good ribs. We had a really bad thunder storm this afternoon. It made the satellite go away both the low def and the high def. Not much to tell you so I will close and surf the web for a while. Love to All

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Afternoon

Good Afternoon to all: We had a busy morning as Mr. S found a new cache in Okeechobee. It was placed and there had been no activity so we had a first to find cache. We found it. Then we came back and worked on the fence for a while Don placed a new cache and registered it. I will take the hot part of the day off and work some tonight after it gets cooler. Not really much has happened today. More later. Love to all!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today in Chobee

Good Morning to My Pals: After my dental visit and having my tooth pulled, all is well. Am taking my antibiotic but feel really good. Only discomfort is where the dentist put the numbing agent. Can't believe how painless he made it. Only problem is the noise. YUCK!!!! I think that is the biggest thing with the dentist offices that makes me cringe. Today I am going to work some on the fence. We have a few errands. Going down to Flo's to check out the Lakeside Estate and get some tomatoes from the fruit stand. We need to take the car and truck up to get them washed and cleaned up. Also oil changes for all vehicles. I know "WHO HAS IT BETTER THAN ME" Time to make breakfast. Love to all. Stay well and take care of yourselves.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Good Morning to all: Finally got up the courage to go to the dentist and get my tooth pulled. It had split in two a couple of years ago and a dentist in St. Cloud patched it up and it was good. It really did not bother me but I figured that I should with as many cruises and things we do that I should get it taken care of. This dentist was really gentle and very conscious of pain management. It was abscessed and I caught it early. The dentist was surprised that it didn't bother me. Well it is done now. Taking penicillin as a precaution. Can't go out and finish my fence. Have to sit and be quiet. Boooooring lol But I will go out to the RRL and enjoy it. More later. Love to all

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to My World

It is a glorious morning here in my world. I am sitting on the RRL and having my morning java. Have added some decorator touches to my lanai. My new flamingos are happy. I picked up a new wind chime also. We are going to start the switch of the two bedrooms probably tomorrow. After we get that done, do you know what we will do next? GO ON A DISNEY CRUISE!!! LOL I need a RASUL!! Hope all is well with Katie's eye. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Love to all. Oreo likes her new digs too. Right now she is chasing the fat squirrels that are terrorising the dog next door.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday in Chobee

Good Afternoon one and all: I feel like I have moved into the "Good HouseKeeping Magazine" I love our new lanai area. Can't wait to share it with all of you. Went grocery shopping also today. I am going to make Zucchini Bread after dinner. Robbie grew zucchini in his garden and gave us some. Elaine made the best summer squash soup and they gave us some also. Tomorrow night I will make some too. We are just the best little Martha Stewart's. More later
love to all.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Lanai upgrade is complete. Here are some pics. Still rooting for Tom Watson. Here's hoping. More tomorrow. Love to all Can't wait til you all see it in person

Before Pics

We are watching the Open and I am rooting for Tom Watson as he is my age and era. These are pre put together stayed tuned for the finished product

Operation: New Lanai Furniture

Good Sunday Morning: After I make us a nutritious breakfast of Oatmeal with Raisins, we are going to put the new furniture together. After which I will post pics of new area. More later. Love to all

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Evening of Day One of Lanai Upgrade

I am tired but it is the good tired you get when you accomplish something. I am sitting on the lanai and watching Mrs. Bucket. Tomorrow we will start putting the set together and I will post pics of the finished product. Our thoughts are with Katie. Hope all goes well for her. Enough for tonight. Tomorrow is another day. Love to all!!!!

Lanai Upgrade Day 1

Good Afternoon All my beloved readers: It is day one of lanai upgrade. Being the person I am I can't do anything half a--ed!!! I am in the process of cleaning the lanai fromtop to bottom. It is going to be spectacular. Jacob is so happy with the old bar you'd think I really gave him something. He said he has always wanted it. Now he has it. We are going out to Cowboy's for dinner. ELEM will wait one more day. LMAO Don is cleaning the pool filter. Okay go to go get busy. Stay tuned for further updates on my lunacy. Love to all

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi To Anyone who follows my ramblings: This is blog 2 for the day as it has been a banner day. We emptied the jacuzzi and cleaned it and now we are looking for a new filter. So we went to our local pool place which is a joke. I don't know how they stay in business. So we went to Home Depot to check for the filter and I found a new chat set for the lanai. Had planned to take a while to do it but just had to jump on the deal as it was on sale and there were only 12 left. It is in the back of the truck. Tomorrow I will start cleaning the patio and getting rid of the old junk that I don't want. We took the camper off the truck and put it back by the shed. Life is good. Stay tuned for more updates. Love to all


We are home and happy. It felt good to sleep in the big bed with 1000 count sheets. lol Today we are going to put the camper away and clean and refill the jacuzzi. We change out the water every 60 to 90 days. Donna, as to what we are doing with the lanai. We are going to get a weatherproof conversation set with a sofa and chairs for sitting on the lanai and using it more. Getting rid of the metal bar with the high stools as I have had them since 1997. The metal is deteriorating. I know that my neighbor Jacob is going to want it to put in his garage. No problemo. Moving the table and chairs over and moving the grill to the other side. Making it a more liveable space. I will post pics as it goes. Need to go to Home Depot and check out their sets. Got to go help Mr. S with the moving of camper. Boy is Miss Oreo happy we are home. She follows us everywhere. Love to all More Later. Happy Birthday to Flo and Pam. Sorry cards are late. Too much galavanting. LMAO.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Almost Home

And a very good morning to all: We spent a quiet evening at the Cordele KOA and are now on the road for FLA. We are stopping in Tifton GA for a cache. I think it is at the Starbuck's but I will know more after we stop. I try to read between the lines in the cache description. We are hatching plans for some changes at the house. One place is the lanai and the other is to switch the spare room or Marilyn Room with the Junk Room (How dare I call my treasures junk) lol Tonight I will be sleeping in my big bed and will not have to hop down to go to the bathroom. It has really been a nice trip but as the old saying goes "There is no place like home" Okay, time to go now Love to all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Road Again

Good Afternoon to all my faithful followers: We left Robbie and Elaine's this morning and are headed home. We will stop over night in Cordele, Ga. KOA. We went out for dinner at the Cumberland State Park. They had a marvelous seafood buffet. Don had his favorite crab legs. They are too too much work for me and too too messy. My body is not going to know what to do with its self when I get back to ELEM. But we shall overcome it. Before dinner last night we did a cache down the road from Robbie and Elaine's. Robbie did just like Don Waltz. He walked right up to it and found it. We call him Bird Dog Jr. We are driving through downtown Chattanooga Tenn. Heading for I 24E. Bought my lavendar caching boots like Flo's at Tractor Supply in Dayton Tenn. Nothing like shopping in foreign stores. Okay I know that all this is thrilling so I will close for now because I don't want anyone over stimulated. More later Love to all. Brother, I blog every day almost and sometimes twice. LOL

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thrift Store Mania

Good Day to all. Sorry that it took so long to Blog but we spent the doing thrift stores, Bought a few gems and still have a few square feet of space left. Robbie gave us some vegetables from his garden Zucchini, yellow squash, peppers and cucumbers. Elaine made the greatest squash soup yesterday. We are leaving tomorrow and plan to do a few caches in Georgia. Should be home Thursday. More later. Love to all No bro, I didn't get abducted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crossville Tennesee

We are in Crossville at Robbie and Elaine's. We are going to spend a couple of days here. We have a couple of days of thrift stores planned. YEH It is very relaxing here. We are watching the birds and a fox walked up back of Robbie's Garden. Robbie cooked steaks for us last night and they were very very good. We had fresh zucchini from the garden. I miss being able to walk across the yard and go to their house for dinner. It is 700 miles away now. Oh well!! They are going to come and spend some time with us this winter. Love to all my pals. More later!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heading South

We are on the road again. We had a pleasant evening in Wpt at Flo's. The 2 Don's and I went out to the Crippled Bear for fish last night and boy was it good. This morning before we left we went to the Harvest Moon for breakfast. I figured out what I am on vacation from seeing as I don't work. "THE EATING PLAN SUPERVISOR" She goes back on duty when we hit the driveway at 1403. LMAO Brother, I will make you banana bread or zuchini bread at the next visit. It really was a thing of beauty. lol We are on out way to Tennessee. Probably will spend night in Wytheville, Va. and finish up tomorrow. To all who read this, we had a wonderful time and visit with all. We love you all. More later I am posting current location pictures with blog. As my blog title says "Who has it better than Me?!!!"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday

And a very good morning to all: Today we start our trip home. It has been 2 weeks but feels longer. We have really enjoyed visiting with our friends and family and know that our visits seem short but it is quality not quantity that counts. We love you all. When we arrived at Tom's, he asked me if I could turn his brown bananas lol into banana bread. I being not the best Martha Stewart grandma went to the internet and found a recipe. Tom Jr. went to the store and bought me the ingredients that they didn't have and bippity boppity bake, I created a thing of beauty. lmao AND IT TASTED GOOD TOO AS WE FOUND OUT AFTER DINNER. Some times I surprise even myself. We are going to Wpt today and see Don Waltz and prepare to leave for Tennesee and Robbie and Elaine's and then HOME SWEET HOME and my OREO. Stay tuned for further adventures. Love to all.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walking to Canada

Good Morning to all: We are in Buffalo at Tom's house. It is a bright sun shiny day (thank god for miracles). Much better for my psyche. Last night we did something that was so cool. We drove to the Falls and parked on the American side and walked across the Rainbow Bridge and into Canada. We walked to the Fallsview Casino and tried to see our friend Kate from Royal Caribbean. We were not able to find her though. We ate the Grand Buffet at the Casino which was very very nice. I gave my donation to the great god of slot machines. Who said nickle machines are the way to go. My twenty dollars went in about 5 minutes (if that long). Tom played the Poker machines and won $125.00. At least someone won. Don came away with 11.89 us. All and all it was cool. As we were walking back to the car, they were doing fireworks over the Falls. It was spectacular. Today I am going to make banana bread for Tom as he has some super ripe bananas. We are going out to dinner with Tom and Tom Jr. During the day today I think we are going to do some caches. Okay more later. Love to all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

And a very good day to all: We are going to Buffalo when Teri returns from her procedure to alleviate her back pain from last years surgery. I pray that it will be better for her. She cooked the best dinner last night and we had her left over stuffed shells that were very very good( we ate them for lunch) My body will not know how to act when I start feeding it normally again. At least my jeans still fit. lol Don is downloading pictures in Dakada's computer. Bro: I am so glad we spent some time together and yes it never feels like enough but what is that old saying "Leave them wanting more". We are getting tired of this world wind tour and are not going to Connecticut for the b-day. I guess the grey and cold is just mentally defeating, (And I miss my girl) We are going to a casino in Canada called Fallsview to see Kate from Royal Caribbean. And hoping to get a cache maybe. We went to the Jello Museum and could not find the one from a year ago. Think it has been muggled. Need Sun and Warmth!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday in Ontario

Sorry to have taken so long to blog but I had to go to GOODWILL this morning. This was the best Goodwill I have ever been to. I picked up a pair of flamingos dressed in Beach Attire and they belong in Fla. So guess what I bought them and am taking them to Chobee. I still have a few square feet of space in the back of the truck but I am saving that for Tennesee. I always find something to bring home from there. We are going over to LeRoy to see Teri, Allen and the kids. We will spend the night and then go to Buffalo. So many places, so little time. Okay got to check with Elaine and see if she has any extra plastic bags (Publix etc.) as I have used all of mine. Love to all More excitement later.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to the Real World

We are back at Butch's and I got to take a shower and I did my laundry. It is a hard life I lead. Allen, Dakoda and Ricky Jr. came out to the Watkins Glen and the Indy Race. The day turned out pretty nice and I think everyone had a good time. We went to Elaine's granddaughter's soccer game and they are so cute. She's 6. My brother came out this afternoon and took us to lunch. It was so nice to spend some time with him. Love Ya Bro More later love to all

Sunday, July 5, 2009

YEH -The Final Day of Dry Camping

And a very very happy 5th of July to all my followers: I am just beside myself with the thoughts of getting a real shower at Butch's tomorrow. I know it might seem like a small thing but one never appreciates what you have til you don't have it. The weather here at WGI is sucky. One minute sunny, then cloudy then sunny. AND IT IS COLD. I am a true FLORIDIAN. Allen and Dakoda are coming to the race. Ricky Jr. my brother's boy is coming too. I believe in sharing the misery!!! lol Got to make breakfast. More later. Love to all

Friday, July 3, 2009

Watkins Glen Day 2 1/2

We walked to the gate that we came in yesterday and it about 2.6 miles round trip from the road where we parked the camper. It is still yucky here cloudy, sunny (for about 2 mins) and then cloudy again. The lesser division of the indy cars were on the track today. I guess the big guns get here tomorrow. All and all, things are okay. One bright spot if you can call it that was we saw Eric Estrada from C.H.I.P.S. There was a display of the batmobile and the green hornet car and I looked up and there he stood. Oh well not a real bomb shell but hey we have to be glad for the small things. lol I was mad because I couldn't or let's say wouldn't wear my mini me stuff as it was really wet and I did not want it to affect it. My little purple alter ego is getting really lethargic. I need to get her going. Okay enough for today. Hope all who read this have a wonderful 4TH of JULY. May the light of the fireworks shine upon all my pals. Love to all

Watkins Glen Day 2

Good Morning to my fan(s) It is another cloudy, cold day in the cold grey north. This area never lets me down or makes me wish I still lived here. Give me Florida Some things are supposed to happen here but not exactly sure what. I don't know what I was thinking when I signed us up for this gig. I don't like dry camping. Thank god, Butch has a generator in his coach and we had our coffee ground from fresh beans. There is just so much pioneer spirit a girl can take. Oh well, we are getting to spend time with our friends and I guess that is something. And I miss my girl. Hope she remembers us when we get home. More later.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watkins Glen

We are here at Watkins Glen. Due to the rainy weather, the ground is soft and Butch got stuck and we pulled him out with our truck. Many, many folks got stuck and had to get pulled out with tractors. We parked on the entrance road which was gravel and so far so good. Heard some cars on the track but not the indy cars yet. More later Love to all