Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween To All

And a very good morning to all: Sorry I skipped yesterday but spent day getting laundry done and playing cards with Don and Flo. It is so nice that they are here. It is very warm here and I am getting used to it again. Miss Oreo is glad that we are home. She acted a little funny when we first got here, I think she thought she was imagining us. She is more herself today. Need to go to the grocery store today and get back to smart eating. Everyone have a happy halloween. We usually don't get trick or treaters. They are having a big halloween party at the Ag-Center. I am really not a fan of this holiday but some folks are. Everyone stay warm and much love to all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Home

Good Evening to all: We are finally home. We stayed in DeFuniak last night and finished up today. We got home about 4:30 p.m. and went down to Flo's for her great soup. We are tired and glad to be home sleeping in our own bed. Okay got to finish some laundry. Will blog more tomorrow. Love to all

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morning in Dumas

Good Morning to the faithful: We are in Dumas Ark in a Days Inn. We have 950 miles to go. We are going to try half and half and see how it goes. Not too much has happened but will post more when it does. Got to shower. Love to all

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lousy Day in Arkansas

Good Afternoon to my faithful followers: I use the word good more out of habit than reality. It is the kind of a day that makes me want to curl up before the fire place with a nice hot toddy. It is grey and cloudy and every so often we hit a shower. Just lovely!!! We are on I-40 in Arkansas not far from Little Rock. We talked about stopping at the Clinton Presidential Library but found out the Blue Dress is out for pressing. lmao Had a nice but too short visit with Rick and Donna. Our best wishes to Donna in her finishing her edits. You are my heroine. Thanks for the bagels. Just passing sign for Toad Suck Park.. lol Okay enough nothing for now Looking for target of opportunity to walk around a foreign Wal-Mart or GoodWill. Love to all and stay safe and warm and avoid texting and driving.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Night In Shawnee

Good Evening All who find my life interesting: We are watching football and waiting for Big Bang Theory. It was cold today but we had an uneventful trip from Tucumcari to Shawnee. The only thing was that my sprint air card was flakey and this is about the fifth time I have typed this blog and it has not been posted yet. Love to all more tomorrow

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Football in Tucumcari

We left Kingman at 0 dark 30 this morning. We just had dinner and settled in and we are watching the Giants game. The signal strength for our air card has been spotty so I figured I would wait til we got to LaQuinta as their internet is good. It was really kind of an overcast day and it never got over 60 degrees. We saw 39 degrees when we first left Kingman. It was beautiful last night, Tommy had the top down when we drove back from Laughlin. Tomorrow we are going to Shawnee for a short visit as we are not bringing the trailer back we can stop. I feel bad that we left Donna's present home because we didn't think we were stopping. Oh well we'll have to make it up to Dr. Sayman Okay enough for now Good night and love to all

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're Back!!!!

Good Evening all: We went to Laughlin and had dinner with Tom and Andy's wife Sue. Andy was ill. Tom won $125.00 playing keno during dinner. We played a few 1 cent slot machines. All totalled I lost 4000 pennies. Oh well. All and all it has been a very nice trip and I am glad that we had such nice weather. Tomorrow (early) we are leaving here and heading toward home with some stops along the way. Will be blogging as we go. Love to all

Sunny Saturday

And a very very good Saturday morning to all of my followers: Today, I am going to start preparing the suitcases for our trip home. I feel like I have been gone forever. We are having a really nice time but time has come to get back to the real time zone of my life. We are going Laughlin today for a little gambling and a dinner with Tom, Tom's friend Andy and his wife Sue. We are leaving here tomorrow heading for Shawnee. It will probably take a couple of days to get there. We want to be in a hotel and watch the GIANTS. I hope they woke up after last weeks fiasco. Okay, will post pics later if I find anymore interesting things to photograph. lol Donna, we went to a Mexican Restaurant and had Enchiladas Poblanos twice. They were gooooooooood. They were chicken or beef. No Cheese but they would have been good with cheese.

Friday, October 23, 2009

#2 for Friday

Hello to all again: We went out and did some geo-caching today with Tom. It was a really fun except we were out in the high desert near Wikeup Arizona and so were hunters. They were shooting at deer but it scared me a little bit. Tom yelled to signal them that we were near by. Tom rented a Sebring convertible and we rode around with the top down. It was really a perfect day for caching. We stopped at the Wikeup Travel Center and we had homemade apple pie. We are going out for Mexican at Oyster's Mexican and Seafood Restaurant. Don is giving Tom a lesson on caching. More later Love to all

Friday Stuff

Good Morning to all: We are up and awaiting Tom calling and finding out exactly what we are doing. Flo, to answer your questions: The one picture of Don is in the Library where the cache is. He is holding the lid to the cache box. In the second pic he is holding the log from cache. Secondly we are leaving here Sunday (probably late afternoon as Tom's friend Andy and his wife have invited us to dinner.) We will drive for a while and then get into a hotel for the Giants Game. Then we are going to stop in Shawnee at Rick's. Probably getting there Tuesday and leaving for Florida Wednesday. After that it is blurry. Will post another with what we do today. I think maybe gambling. LOL

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog #2 for Thursday

Good Afternoon or Evening depending on what tiime zone you are in. lol We had another wonderful breakfast at the hotel. Today Don made me a blueberry waffle with blueberries on top and whipped cream. Body will not know what to do with itself when we get home. As I will not be feeding it all the carbs I am on this trip. Today we went to Nevada and did a few caches. Prior to caching we went to Bullhead City and went to GoodWill and Sam's Club. Nothing like shopping at a foreign GoodWill or Sam's. lmao Tom is on his way. Will see him tomorrow. We are going to show him caching and probably go to Laughlin for a little gambling or what I call gambling. Throwing a few quarters in the slots. The Dale Jr show car is out of hotel window. Love to all

Thursday in Arizona

Good Morning All: Yesterday we drove to California and did a few caches. Found a corvette travel bug that we will take home to Florida. We are getting antsy and are ready to go home. Tom comes in tonight and we will spend some time with him Friday and Saturday. We are going to Laughlin, Nev and throw a few quarters in the machines. The dryness is killing my nose. Getting used to the elevation but need my humidity. We saw an 18 wheeler from Okeechobee yesterday. Hes a long way from home too. Love to all

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday in Kingman

Good Morning to all: We are going to do some more caches today. This is a beautiful hotel and it has tempurpedic mattresses. yeh!! We are going into California across the border to pick up caches. Will make a second post with pics later of our day. Love you all.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr Sayman

Sorry this is late as we left the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel we stopped along the way to do a few caches and go down an unpaved road look at Tom's Trailer. We are at the Springhill Suite in Kingman. It is brand new and it is beautiful. I am doing laundry even though I still have many clean clothes. Happy Birthday Donna, we are going to call you later. Love to all more later got to check clothes

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from the Canyon

Good Evening all: We are back from the train trip to the Canyon. We had a really nice time. We sat in the Observation car on the way to the GrandCanyon. It was a little bit disappointing as all we saw were trees, When we got to the Canyon, we decided that we were going to do a cache at Powell Point. It was a 1.35 mile walk. We could have taken a bus but we decided to walk instead. It was alright except xome of it was up hill. The altitude was about 7000 miles above sea level. We got to the cache and took the shuttle bus back to Grand Canyon Village. It felt good to walk and exercise our lungs. We went to the hotel across from the Train Depot for lunch. On the way back from the canyon we sat in the luxury car. We met some really nice people from California. The Yankee game was going on and Don could not get cell phone signal so I callled Flo in Florida for updates from my NET10 phone. The Yankees lost 5-4 but that is okay. In this car you got champagne as you were heading back for Williams. It was a really cool way to spend my birthday. There was another gentleman on the train whose birthday it was also. I had a few champagnes as well as a specialty drink that our car attendant made up. All and all I had a really nice birthday. We will go to the cafe for dinner in a little while about 7 p.m. Pacific.

Happy Birthday to Me

Short blog as I must shower. Will post pics from train trip later. Love to all who called and wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY and love to those who haven't yet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday in Williams

Good Day to my friends, family and anybody who reads my stuff: We had dinner in the Pub last night and watched the Yankee game. There were some obnoxious LA Angels fans but I just let them ramble because they were saddddddd!!! We went back to our room and watched the end. And YEH my Yankees came through. This is not the same with my GIANTS. Here's hoping they get their heads out of their a--es. We can't watch game as it is not on tv either in room or pub but we have updates and can listen to it on the phone. After we are going to walk about Williams. We had breakfast at a nice restaurant near the hotel. CHORIZO & EGGS. It was good. Dinner tonight is part of our package and we will eat at the Depot Cafe. Tomorrow being my special day we will take the train ride. Hope the weather is like today as it is Indian Summerish in the North. I am luvin it. Okay enough rambling for now. Love to all

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are Here in Williams

Good Evening to all: We arrived at the hotel in Williams about 7 pm (pacific time) We are settled in and trying to stay up for a while. Watching my Yankees, hope they pull this out. I am tired. It is weird with the time changes. I will be glad to stay put for a few days and then about a week in Kingman Arizona before the trip back. Okay Love to all

Pretty Country

For me ,it is Good Morning to You, and for you ,it is good afternoon to all: We are in New Mexico heading for Williams. I called the hotel and reserved the room for tonight also as we are making good so we will be in Williams for a couple of days. Looking forward to the Train trip. Did a few geo-caches as we were leaving Tucumcari (I like the name of the town) The landscape out here is just beautiful.

I like the mountains. Will post more when we get to hotel at the train. Love to all Stay safe and warm whereever you are and whatever you are doing or stay cool if you are in FLA USA>

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mountain Time

Good Evening to all: This is my second blog for today as we are in mountain time and I am in Eastern time and trying to stay up for a while. We tried to stop in Amarillo but there was no room at LaQuinta so we pushed on and we are in Tucumcari New Mexico. They have a brand new LaQuinta and it is really nice. The front desk man was busy doing something away from the desk and he thank us for our patience with a King Suite. It pays to be patient. Bought some quick pick tickets for the Mega Millions Lottery ($200 Million) Would be nice. I won the last time I went out west, who says it can't happen again. Here's hoping. Brominator, here are some very very current pictures for your perusal. Love to all

Friday Stuff

Good Morning all: We are in Marshall Texas. Heading for New Mexico. Having my coffee and thinking about getting ready for the day. Will post more as we travel. Love to all who care to read the junque I write. lmao

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 2 of Adventure

Good Afternoon To All My Faithful followers: Sorry about the lateness of the blog as signal strength has been spotty. I did a blog and then lost my browser. Really aggravating me but will try again. We stayed in Pensacola last night and left this morning. We ate up Alabama, Mississippi and are now in Lousianna. It has been overcast and rained off and on. We did a couple of caches as we travelled. We need a few states we don't have and picked up Alabama(In a cemetary) and an Off your Rocker in Mississippi at a Cracker Barrel. Okay I am going to try again to put pics with this blog. Here's hoping. Love to all